You and San Patrick salon in Riga

San Patrick in Riga
Dear bride!
Our doors are always open for You. Come and make yourself at home. You will be met by a personal consultant who will discuss in detail and ask about your preferences, and then will help you to choose the most suitable model and design of your dress. Enjoy the charm of our collections and get a real pleasure from the choice.

Wedding dress choice.
We recommend you to try on the dresses which you liked most , to see how they fit your body and find out which models are more suitable for you and beautify you most. We will help you try on the chosen dress with all accessories, hair ornaments, wedding veil, shoes, gloves and petticoats. We offer about 100 models in the showroom (for sale and rent) and about 200 models to order in various combinations. Terms and conditions of payment and ordering are as follows: one third of the total amount should be paid at the time of the ordering , one third- at the time of the first try-on, and the remaining balance - on delivery day.

Buying a wedding dress.
We recommend to think ahead and buy your dress well in advance- at least 2-4 months before the big day. This time will be enough to sew a dress in the tailor shop slowly, without haste , and make the try-on in the salon. In urgent cases we offer an Express-Service. The main thing for us is You and Your wedding.
San Patrick offers more than 200 wedding dresses which cannot be physically placed in our salon. Thus, if you have seen a model on the website or in the catalogue and have made your choice, it would not be a problem to order it or a similar model specially for you according to your contours.
Samples of the dresses, which are offered for try-on in our salon, are just samples to get an idea of the dress. Your dress will be ordered according to your unique size, and then it will be altered during the first and second fitting.

The first fitting.
Finally, the dress has been selected and ordered. Everything is ready for the first fitting. On the appointed day and hour you will be welcome by your personal consultant and a tailor, in order to take your measurement and make necessary alterations. The dress will be pinned to achieve the perfect fit for your contours and length. It is pleasant to realize that an experienced team of professionals is working carefully and diligently on your dress.

San Patrick in Riga

The second fitting.
The second fitting is a kind of your wedding day rehearsal. There will be made the final touches and adjustments anticipating your wedding day. We will show you how to move in your wedding dress, how to sit, and how to raise the train of the dress during the dancing. We recommend you to invite a person who will help you to to put on the dress and take care about its state during the wedding ceremony. You will enjoy the process of try-on, because you will see how beautiful you are, and realize that things are going exactly as it was planned.

Getting your dress.
You can get your dress at any convenient day for you, usually within a day or two before your Wedding Day. By this time it will be ironed and ready for pick up. We will give you some advice and recommendations how to put on the dress, hang it and take care of it. If you need something to be clarified , please call us directly to the salon.

San Patrick in Riga
Tips on proper use of your wedding dress.
We recommend to get a dress from the cover and hang it on the hanger as high as possible to smooth out creases. You do not have to iron the dress. It usually takes a proper shape on the hanger. Please start putting on the dress through your feet, to avoid stains from your make-up. Then put on the petticoat.

We recommend to get a wedding veil from the cover and hang it on the hanger to avoid creases. Try to wear your shoes a few days before your wedding day in order to feel comfortable on that day. We advise you to take a few pairs of stockings.

Get into the car with your back from that side, from which you are going to get out. Put the train of the dress on the opposite side, so that you come out first, and the train of the dress stretches behind you.

Ask someone to help you to lift and straighten the train of the dress when you sit down. If you sit down on the seat with a backrest, the train of the dress should be placed from the opposite side of the groom. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us withing our business hours , from Monday till Saturday during opening hours.